Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, tomorrow Jim will have been gone from our presence for 4 months and we are 11 days until Christmas. It is definitely a hard time of year for us. We basically are taking it one day at a time. Some days are better than others. We are missing Jim more than ever but are overwhelmed by the love and good wishes of others. We are decorated, shopped and enjoying listening to Christmas music and feeling the sweet spirit associated with Christmas. We are basking in the memories of Christmas past when our Jim was with us. We know he is with us now but miss his presence greatly. We are sad Jim's sister Nedra and her son Michael are going to Cabo for Christmas. Ever since my kids have been little, Nedra and Michael and Jim's Mom would sleep over at our house and share Christmas with us. We always looked forward to it. Jim's mom passed several years ago and Nedra and Michael have decided traveling is more fun on Christmas so here we are. We will miss them. We discussed going to a snowy cabin or even going with Nedra to Cabo for Christmas but decided that it would be hard no matter where we were so we might as well stay home. There is a safety and a comfort being here. Our Nephew Allen and his wife will be staying overnight so that will be a fun bonus for Christmas. I think we might just make it through this season.

Today I am Thankful for those dear friends and loved ones that make us feel loved and ease our burdens. We are so grateful for those that boost us up when we feel down and give us the courage and strength to handle our hardships. It helps so much to know we are not alone and loved. We love you.


  1. So sorry we will not be here. Christmas trips are more because everyone is getting big and there are no little cousins anymore, and neither of us need more "stuff", so we took up the Christmas traveling, at least until Michael has a family. We so wish you were all coming with us!

  2. James and I send lots of love to you all this Christmas!! Wishing and praying for peace and comfort in the new year! Can't wait for you to meet our new addition (coming in April!). James is already looking at boy toys! :-)